Monki Clothing Wishlist

Hello lovelies, so the other week one of my favourite fashion bloggers What Olivia Did talked about her love for the clothing company Monki in her recent April Favourites YouTube video so of course shortly after I had to have a browse. I found so many amazing pieces which isn't good when you haven't the money to spend but, I thought I'd show the pieces I loved anyway.

Here are my favourite finds online:
((Warning: Heavily features denim of all washes))

 1. This t-shirt is perfect for me as I used to say to my friends 'You Go Girl' whenever they were successful at something and I also really like the 70's style to the top.
2. I'm in need for a plain A-line skirt and this is the perfect berry colour. It could be worn with blouses or for a more laid back look with a t-shirt tucked in.
3. These sunglasses remind me of Ray Bans
4. I think this baby pink frilly t-shirt would look so cute worn with some Mom jeans and Superga trainers or maybe some Vans.
5. When I have a bit more money I really need to invest in a denim skirt like this, it's such a a flattering style and length. 
6. This jumper looks so comfy and soft & I love the red edge to the sleeves. You could wear it over a little tea dress and converses when it gets cooler during the evening on Summer days. In the colder months it would look nice tucked into some black high waisted jeans and some boots.
8. I really like the contrast of the two denim panels I think it makes it look a bit more interesting than your usual denim skirt.
9. I love these rainbow socks!
10. I'm obsessed with cats these days and waiting for the day I can have my own so, this t-shirt is very appropriate.
11. I am a big fan of the colour of this t-shirt, as girl who where's a hella lot of black it's not often that I pick out a colourful t-shirt as a favourite. 
12. Ahh how cute are these jeans with cat faces on the knees??
13. I really like this oversized denim jacket, I think it would go with everything in my wardrobe.

14. I have some gingham trousers with a larger pattern and baggier in style but, I love the slim fit of these and I think they would look perfect with some healed boots, a blouse and a leather jacket.
15. I think this white tie strap top is cute and would be perfect for summer worn with short & espadrilles.
16. The only item of make up I put on my wishlist/favourites as I'm definitely more of a fashion lover than beauty. But, I love the shimmer of this creme highlight!
17. I thought these sparkly pink opaque socks would look nice worn with some platform (not that I ever wear them but, if I did I'd definitely wear that combo)
18. There's bloody pineapples on a pair of socks for goodness sake!
19. I'm a sucker for a good striped top and the use of colours would nicely brighten up an outfit.

20. This dungaree dress would look so nice with a band t-shirt and converses or a blouse and some flats. I really like the skater skirt style and I think it would be super flattering.
21. What I like about this dress is that it could easily be worn casually during the day or with some heeled boots for the evening.
22. I thought this jacket was a lovely, it's so different with the botanical floral print.
23. At the moment I am on the search for some black see-through socks that can be worn with the new shoes I have. 
24. This dress reminds me a bit of Fred Perry dresses with the striped collar and sleeves.

27. This denim would be great with a top layered underneath
28. What can I say it's a bloody rose gold bag?
29. The ruffles down the front of this play suit is such a lovely detail 
30. I love these Daisy socks!
31. Not my usual go to style of top but there something nice about the 
32. This t-shirt is so cute with the tiny love hearts on the chest!

I thought I would do a separate section for swimwear as I got a bit carried away

1. &2.  how cut are the little ruffles on each shoulder of both the bikini top and swimming costume.
3. I really like the triangle shape to the bikini top.
4. Gingham is such a popular pattern/trend right now and I have quite a bit of love for the ol' gingham, it being read is also in it's favour!
5. The style of this swimming costume/swimsuit looks super flattering with the cut out section and the way it is cut above your belly button if like me you aren't too fond of your belly.

6. This bikini seems like it would be very flattering with the high waisted bottoms and the balcony style bikini top.
7. Oh gingham again! I really like the contrast of the blue gingham pattern and the white bottom half.
8. I think this off the shoulder style of swimming costume is really nice and unique. 
9. I put the pink version of the off the shoulder swimming costume on here to because I like the colour.
10. I love the halter neck style of this swimming costume, something a little different to your usual styles.

Oh yeah I love socks, I have far too many for it considered a healthy amount of socks to own

What I learnt from this wishlist and exploring Monki online is that:
- I love denim
- I like some colour, not much but, some
- Monki do amazing swimwear 
- I need to go on holiday to wear said swimwear
- I need money for said holiday

If you got all the way through this post you're doing well!
Would you like to see me share my favourite swimming costumes in shops at the moment?

Thank you for reading!
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Why I Blog?

Hello lovelies, so I thought I would have a little bit of a waffle (not the kind you eat basically me typing a lot) about why I blog and the future of my blog.

        Let's start from the beginning I started blogging back in 2012 so I could have my own little space where I could talk about anything and everything that I wanted to whenever I felt like it.

        So for a year now I've been overthinking and comparing myself to other bloggers which put me off blogging because I never thought my blog was good enough so I've posted less and less. Recently, I've come to realize that how many followers and likes isn't everything. Yes, if you want to earn a living from blogging then yes that is a very important factor but, my blog is purely to chat on about things I'm interested or about my life.

I've been thinking recently when I'm old and looking back on my life will I really think
- I wish I'd had more followers on Social Media
- I wish I had took more flat lays
- I wish I had took more photos of my food
And at the end of the day I highly doubt I will

         In the future I want to think less and continue to type what comes to mind because at the end of the day I'm no writer, as you can probably tell from my posts so far. I hope to finally pluck up the courage to start posting outfit posts again on my blog (I know I mention this every time I talk about my blog). I also hope to do some beauty posts (not that know anything about beauty at all), share my illustrations with you, of course more wishlists and just discuss any topic I fancy covering.

I'm not really sure where I'm going with this post anymore so, I shall leave it at that. If you have read all of this post thank you for putting up with my rambling!

Thank you for reading!
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He Official Spring Clothing Wishlist

Hello lovelies, I'm finally back with a new blog post, we are now in Spring so have all your pastel colour clothes at the ready or black if you're like me. For me Spring fashion is all about little smock dresses and blouses making an appearance in my wardrobe.The other day I browsed on He, an online clothing shop that I discovered not too long ago, they always have so many lovely pieces in store that desperately wished that I owned.
What I like about all the pieces I selected for my wishlist is the fact they could easily be worn all year round with a few changes in styling. Like every wishlist blog post I do this is not sponsored or anything like that, it's just a post I felt like sharing. I'm not exaggerating I could have put every piece they sell on my wishlist but I thought I better keep it short for post, so here are a few I loved the look of.

I think this dress would look so cute teamed with a pair of converses.
I love this oversized denim shirt, it looks super comfy. For some reason I can imagine having a really chilled day drawing and painting.
I really like the embroidery detail on this top and the cute little tassel trim. 
What I love about this blouse is the flowy bohemian feel it has to it.
This top makes me think of Audrey Hepburn so much, it's definitely her style! It would be easy to style with a pair of black skinny jeans and some ballet flats.
This is such a cute top, I really love the ruffle detail half way down the top. I think it would look lovely worn with jeans or a tucked into a skirt or even under a pair of dungarees!
It would look nice with a nice white blouse like the Matilda Dolly Top underneath it. 
This has to be my favourite pieces that I saw online, I'd probably wear them with some mom jeans and oh yeah some converses.
There's something really nice about this dress and it definitely fits it's description 'delicate'. 
This top is a little similar to the Frill Check Top but, it has three quarter length sleeves and the fabric looks quite light which be perfect for the warmer months. Wearing the top with black cut off shorts with converses or espadrilles for the ultimate Alexa Chung style!
Another lovely blouse by He which from a distance looks some what like a light denim wash however it is actually a pin striped pattern.
It could be worn during the day with converses (of course) or some little flats and then worn in the evening with heels or some metallic ankle boots. This also reminds me a bit of the dress Adele wore in one of her music videos which can only be a good thing!

I hope to have some more posts up soon!
Thank you for reading!
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Dreaming of Dior Autumn/Winter 2017

Hello lovelies, the other week as I was doing a quick scroll through Facebook when I stumbled across some of the most beautiful clothes I've seen. Of course, I thought I must share it with everyone! Please don't expect a blog post using proper fashion lingo just me gushing about my love of a fashion collection. I think the pieces from the collection really show that fashion and clothing can be just as beautiful and artistic as an oil painting from the 17th Century. 
The whole collection appeals to me due to its blue palette and use of black accessories as most of my wardrobe is filled with clothes of those colours. There is a definite nod to the Seventies through out especially with the flowing fabric and the styling of the models hair in soft waves. 

The beret trend seems to be making it's way through to this years Autumn and Winter, which I'm not complaining about at all (not that I could pull it off) but, everybody I've seen wear them so far look so cool in them. In this case it no exception, the leather beret worn by all the models pulls the whole outfits and even the collection together. 
The lace sleeves/cape of this first dress are so beautiful. ahh it literally looks like water (probably makes no sense what so ever)
Ahh this dress, the embroidery on it looks so delicate
I'm not sure but, it looks like the embroidery could be moons? How does the second one some how look like it's made up of flower petals? I really like the square neck line of the dress too

The gold detail looks like it was hand painted on to the dress it looks magical maybe even worn to a ball in Hogwarts.
The top half of the dress is sweet with the delicate ruffles on both the sleeves and around the neck with little pin tucks on the chest.

The ruffles on the neckline of this dress is pretty. I love the layers of the cape on the dress to the right.

The sleeves of the first dress *insert heart eye emoji*, I really like the effect of the dark velvet material in contrast with the sheer material of the sleeves. 

The photographs used in this blog post were taken by Lillie Eiger back stage at the fashion show.  For the full article about the Dior AW17 written by Vanessa Hseih for Dazed and Confused you can read it here

I would love to do some illustrations of some of my favourite pieces from the collection.

I will be doing a post all about my favourite looks from all the Fashion Weeks soon which I'm really looking forward to doing, although it is a tad late.

Thank you for reading!

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My Top Blog Posts

Hello lovelies, today I thought to take a look back at my most popular blog posts so far.

Here are my blogs most read posts

Fundraising for Alzheimer's Society
First up and my most poplar blog post by far was me talking about fundraising for the Alzheimer's Society which I think is a very important charity which is very close to my heart.

Get Their Look - Alexa Chung
That blog post was one of my favourites to put together, looking for items that were perfect 
I would love to do some more of this kind of posts, maybe get their look for Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot and the like.

New Bedroom Wishlist
This was a wishlist that I created after getting inspiration for my newly decorated bedroom. I might do another one of these posts soon as I'm on the search for some prints to put up on wall. It will probably end up being a combination of photos of iconic people that I like and illustration prints.

CAMP Collection
This post is me chatting about my love for my newly discovered clothing brand CAMP Collection and yes I still love it! In the post I also share a little illustration that I did of one of their look book photographs.

Unique Valentines Day Gifts
In the post I talk about some interesting and cool new gift ideas for Valentines Day if you feel like giving something different to the usual chocolates and flowers. The post was compilation of my favourite unique gifts that could be found on Not On The High Street.

My Favourite Bloggers and Youtubers
I really enjoyed creating a list of my favourite bloggers and youtubers letting them know I appreciate the work that they create. If you are looking for more blogs and you tube channels to check out then head on over to this blog post of my favourites.

What's on My Bedside Table

I share all the beauty products that you will find on my bedside table in this post.
I really need to do an updated post on this topic.

Very Pinteresting
I love using Pinterest, I could browse through it for inspiration for hours. Whether it be fashion, food, art or interior design there's always something that interests me on that website. I will be doing an updated blog post on my recent 

Looking back at my posts from the past has made me realize how much I enjoy writing blog posts. 

Thank you for reading!
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The Blog Recognition Award

Hello lovelies, today's blog post is a bit of a brief one nothing too long winded.

Katherine who blogs over on Millennial Rants ever so nicely tagged me to answer the questions from the Blog Recognition Award the other day, so of course I shall be answering the questions in this post.

Before, I answer them these are the rules

- Thank the blogger who nominated you and link to their blog
- Briefly explain how how your blog started
- Give two pieces of advice to bloggers just starting out 
- Select 15 bloggers you want to tag and give the award to - and then let them know

How my blog started 
I actually started it years ago back in 2012 but, I never used it regularly. I decided to start up my blog so I had some where to talk about anything I wanted to.

Two pieces advice for new bloggers
Hmm I'm no expert when it comes to blogging and I still have so much to learn
what I would say though is
1. Be yourself and write about what you're passionate about as it reflects so much in your writing.
2. Don't be afraid to interact with other bloggers because you never know you might find some good friends through doing so. Taking part in Twitter blogger chats definitely helps ease you into talking to new people if you struggle with things like that like I do.

I'm not sure who else to tag, as I think pretty much all of my favourite bloggers have been tagged already although, I don't think the lovely Tanya of Scribbled Dreams has been so I would like to nominate her!

Thank you for reading!
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Next Wishlist

Hello lovelies, today I have Next Wishlist to share with you all!
Once upon a time Next used to be a clothes shop that I saw as a somewhere my mum and other 35+ years shopped at but, the past few years I have been wanting more and more pieces by them! I totally wish I had money to buy everything on the wishlist below but, alas I don't *sad face*.
Here are my favourite finds from Next:

1. Denim Dark Blue Pinafore - £30  |  2. Navy Broderie Ruffle Dress - £50  |  3. Navy Slogan Shirt - £34  |  4. Nude High Neck Lace Top - £32  |  5. Lipsy Polka Dot Ruffle Dress - £38    6. Blue Stripe Off Shoulder Shirt - £30  |  7. Off The Shoulder Ruffle Sweater -£18  |  8. Blue Ruffle Shirt - £28  |  9. Tie Shoulder Cami - £16  |  10.  Navy Broderie Ruffle Top - £38  |  11. Black/White Check Trench Coat - £90

1. The dark wash of the denim is really nice. I think it would look lovely with a shirt underneath, a pussy bow blouse or even your favourite band t-shirt and some metallic ankle boots or for a more casual look some trusty converses.

2. This navy broderie ruffle dress would be perfect to transition from Early Spring too Summer! 

3. I really like the 'Au Revoir' embroidery on the back of the blouse, the white piping around the edges and the Peter Pan collar. I think this blouse would look cute tucked into maybe a nice midi skirt.

4. This nude/blush lace blouse would go well with most bottoms, you could wear with an A-line mini skirt or tucked in to black skinny jeans with a pair of ankle boots. I think it's such a pretty colour!

5. I think this such a cute dress that could be worn during winter with tights or without during the summer!

6. I love how it's styled in the photograph with the navy midi skirt there's something very Audrey Hepburn-esque to it and the style of the top is super elegant looking. 

7. Another striped top? Erm of course! But, this has a RUFFLE!

8. The ruffle on this shirt is such a nice detail a bit like a cape (maybe it's just me).

9. ohh my goodness how cute is this top?? I'm actually so tempted to buy this top! I would live in this in Summer time especially. I love the gingham pattern, the frill and the cute tie arm straps.

10. This is the shirt version of the no.2 broderie dress I would probably style this with a pair of skinny jeans or dungarees and converses. 

11. I really like this gingham trench coat I think it's a lovely, unique take on the classic camel trench. I have seen it in store and it seem 

From this wishlist I have learnt that at the moment I love anything navy or with frills! 
They have so many lovely pieces in stock at the moment, you should definitely have a look! 

What are your favourite pieces from my wishlist?

Thank you for reading!
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The Real Neat Blog Awards

Hello lovely, it's been a while since I last posted as I've been concentrating on my illustration work which I hope to do a post on soon just share with you my more recent pieces. But, I'm currently have technology problems so it might be a while till I can't get them up. 

The other day I was tagged by the lovely Vanessa on Life of Vanessa-Ann for the The Real Neat Blog Awards which are similar to the Liebster Award but, you answer Seven questions instead of Eleven.

So before I start here are the rules of the tag
- Thank and link the blogger that nominated you
- Answer the seven questions they asked you 
- Nominate seven bloggers for this award and let them know you nominated them 
- Ask seven questions for your nominees

Vanessa asked me these interesting questions, I had to have a good think about a few of these answers

What's your favourite memory?
ahh I can't decide! So here are some of my top memories
meeting my boyfriend, going to Leeds festival, seeing Arctic Monkeys live, getting a hug off Johnny Marr, graduating university, getting some of my work in the Secret 7 exhibition, watching Mr Bean with my grandad on NYE one year, family holidays when I was younger, I could go on

Did anyone inspire you to start blogging?
Ohh this was a while a go now but, I think Olivia from What Olivia Did was the first blog I properly read and to this day is still a firm favourite of mine! 

Favourite and least favourite social media site?
My favourite social media site is Instagram, I also love Pinterest but, I'm not sure that's considered a social media site. I enjoy using both of them because I'm a very visual/creative person. My least favourite social media site is probably Facebook.

If you could go for a meal with ANY 5 people who would it be?
ahh this is so difficult, I'm assuming that also includes people that haved sadly passed away.
David Attenburough 
Carrie Fischer
Audrey Hepburn
My Grandad

What was the last song you listened to?
Ed Sheeran - Shape of You because the 16/17 year old Katie loves it

Where do you hope to be this time next year?
I would love to either be a full time freelance illustrator with an online shop selling prints of my illustrations OR be in a job that I am enjoying.

What has been your biggest blogger achievement? 
hmm probably getting to 600 followers on Bloglovin, getting so close to 700 eek!

I actually don't have seven favourite bloggers that haven't yet been nominated and answered questions but, here are the lovelies I am nominating

I nominate

Katherine of Millennial Rants

My questions
1. If you could only keep 5 of your personal possessions which would you keep? 
2. What is your favourite thing about blogging?
3. Favourite film, book, tv programme and song?
4. What is your favourite thing to do in your spare time?
5. Where would you most like to visit in your lifetime?
6. What's one thing most people don't know about you?
7. Which season do you like the most and why?

wow could I have used the words 'favourite' and 'what' any more??

Thank you so much for reading!
Love from 


My Etsy Shop

Hello lovelies, I hope you're all well! On Friday I finally plucked up the courage to do something that scared me because life is too short to stay in your comfort zone forever. I only went and opened my Etsy shop back up selling A5 prints of my illustrations.
It's something I've thought about doing for some time but, the constant self doubt I have with anything I do put me off. Recently, I've been thinking well you won't know if things will fail or work out until you actually try first. 

I created all the illustrations by first off drawing them with of course a pencil, then I scan them into the computer and fine tune & clean bits of my drawing. For the Frida Kahlo illustration the colour was added using the magic of Photoshop. 

My first print is of Audrey Hepburn, I decided to draw her as she's one of my favourite actresses and she's such an iconic actress
The next print I have in my shop is Twiggy because she is one of my favourite Sixties icons.
Last but, not least is Frida Kahlo because she was damn good artistand she was so fun to draw!
After, getting my illustrations printed professionally by Awesome Merch, I then got onto the exciting part of picking out packaging and deciding just how I wanted my packaging to look. Of course I browsed for ages on Etsy looking at lots of pretty washi tape and stickers. I bought some brown brown paper bags and added why spots to them using the end of a brush and white paint. I love the way the copper tape looked on the brown paper bags when I package everything up!
Here are the links for the places I got all my different pieces for my packaging
Both rolls of pretty washi tape both come from SandRBits Etsy shop
Please Do Not Bend stickers from Azmari Etsy shop
Brown Paper Bags from Eco Craft
Polyprop Self Seal Bag (to protect the prints) from Eco Craft
Hard Board Backed Envelopes from o.d.l Packaging on ebay 
Round Stickers with my logo on printed by Printed
I would love it if you could check my Etsy shop out and let me know what you think

I am currently working on some new ideas to hopefully sell as prints at some point in the near future.

Is there anybody you would like to see me draw?

Thank you for reading!
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2017 New Years Resolutions/Goals

Hello lovelies, it's that time of year again where I and many others set themselves New Year Resolutions in hope that they can stick to at least one by the end of February.

Before I tell you all about my New Years Resolutions for 2017 let's look back a year to the ones I made for 2016 which you can check out here 2016 New Year Resolutions . If I'm being honest I really didn't achieve any of my goals, although I did graduate/survive University which I'm still surprised by. 
But, hey 2017 is a new year and I'm more determined than ever to get things done and stop putting things off!

Personal Goals

- Believe in myself (even if it's just a little).
this is a biggy and one that I've been struggling with for many years. It would nice to make steps towards less self doubt even if they are just baby steps.
- Drink more water
- Exercise at least three times a week 
Not to lose wait really, just to tone up and so I actually might have more strength than a new born baby.
- Read more books
I would love to read more books this year (four or five) especially some classics. You're probably thinking four or five??? that's nothing! But, I'm such a slow reader probably the slowest. I'm hoping the more I do it the quicker I get, hopefully!
- Keep up with a daily beauty routine 
especially one that will help reduce my large pores. WARNING: Beauty Gurus do not read on... My routine used to just consist of taking make up off with Micellar Water and that was that and maybe a bit of moisturizer if I was really pushing the boat out! But, now I'm a new woman after my mum so kindly bought me three Clarins products for Christmas. I can't wait to see if they make any changes to my skin, I might do a blog post about them and their effects on my skin (especially my T-zone).
- Take more photographs 
because it's always nice to be able to look back on moments & I really didn't take many photos in 2016.
- Buy prints for my room 
I had my bedroom decorated back in early 2015 and I still haven't got my 'gallery' wall up, just my lonely Audrey Hepburn print. I would love to purchase some artist prints (supporting small businesses) and a few of the lovely Vogue prints my boyfriend bought me from Manchester Art Gallery.
- Start to learn my ukulele (finally) 
and be able to play at least one of the songs my list of ones I want to learn. 

Illustration/Online shop Goals

- Open my little online shop 
selling prints of my illustrations, so far I will be selling Twiggy, Audrey Hepburn and Frida Kahlo prints but, I plan to create more illustrations and get them printed for sale too.
- Start taking portrait commissions 
I did a couple at Christmas time and my customers loved them which made me so happy.
- Make plans for my zines/mini magazines 
I hope to make a zine in the future called the A-Z of the Sixties which would be such a fun personal project for me as I love the Sixties for all things music, fashion and interior design.
- Reach 300 followers on my illustration Instagram page 
this isn't a goal more of something that would be nice if it happened.

Blogging Goals

- Post regularly (at least three times a week).
- Continue talking to lovely bloggers 
because they're are lots of really nice people part of the blogging community. Some of who have been super supportive towards me, my blog and my soon to be open online shop.
- Post my first Beauty post
not that I know much at all (if anything) about beauty but, it's something I'm interested in.
- Host a blogger chat
I think it would be fun and it would be nice to speak to more fellow bloggers.
- Pluck up the courage to post another Outfit post
Sometimes you just need to do something that scares you slightly.
- Maybe change up my blog design 
If I'm feeling super daring maybe even design it myself.
- Reach 1000 follower on Bloglovin
again it isn't a goal more something I hope happens (if that makes any sense).

Credits for quotes/typography in blog post image

She Believed She Could So She Did Print by Old English Company
You are Never too Old to Set Another Goal or Dream Another Dream by C.S Lewis 
(sadly I can't find the original source of the typography) I did see it on Pinterest
Don't Lose Your Fire - Unfortunately I can't find out anything about it this quote also, found on Pinterest

I hope 2017 treats you well and that you achieve all the goals you hope to complete.
Thank you for reading!
Love from

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